ARINA MOJO: Upcycled Sandals from Katsa to Stylish Footwear

Resourcefulness is one Filipino trait that I am always proud of. Recycling has been a part of our lifestyle since we were young! Our parents taught us to recycle ice cream tubs, bottles, and hand-me-down clothes from our older siblings. We grew up witnessing our Lolas turn flour sacks or Katsa into pillow linings, curtains, and even as a gata or coconut milk strainer.

As the founder of a local sandals brand in the Philippines that promotes sustainability and conscious consumerism, I thought of reusing flour sacks as sandal straps. Arina came from the word "Harina," Tagalog for flour, and Mojo is the style of flat sandals popular for outdoor activities like hiking or going to the beach, making Arina Mojo perfect as beach sandals for women.

Aside from using flour sacks as strappy sandals, the footbed is made from locally sourced Abaca (Manila Hemp) plant fibers, handwoven by a community of women weavers from Laguna, Philippines. This not only adds a touch of eco fashion to the design but also supports local artisans and sustainable fashion in the Philippines.

Arina Mojo is comfortable and highly unique in its design, featuring open toe sandals that are perfect for the beach. This pair of handcrafted sandals can be worn with your favorite dress or shorts, completing your beach outfit. It is the perfect beach footwear that combines style and sustainability.

This design now comes in a wedge style too, ideal for beach weddings or other summer occasions. In addition to Arina Mojo, we offer other styles like Espadrilles, Verano, and Fiesta, all crafted with the same upcycled flour sack material. Each pair is a testament to our commitment to sustainable fashion in the Philippines, showcasing different patterns produced through the creativity and resourcefulness of our artisans and designers.

As part of our effort to support local products and small businesses, wearing Arina Mojo not only makes you an ambassador of our Mother Earth but also promotes the idea of supporting local in the Philippines. Join us in our mission to embrace sustainable fashion and conscious consumerism. Choose Arina Mojo, the eco-friendly sandals that embody the spirit of supporting local in the Philippines.

Until My Next Musing,
Mariel Ortiz-Luis Veluz
Founder, Sewn Sandals

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