Journey Through the Years

My knack for creativity, entrepreneurship, and a compelling need to finish my nursing degree as a second course to work on foreign shores led me to a beautiful blessing in disguise called SEWN Sandals. A shopping trip to Liliw, Laguna in 2008 was God’s sign for me to choose a different path. Truly a Cinderella story where a new pair of shoes changed my life! 

SEWN Sandals’ first-ever trade fair and bazaar organized by Yabang Pinoy Movement opened up my awareness to promote Philippine-made products. I learned that staying in the Philippines can bring various opportunities like opening our first physical store in Ruins BF Homes, Paranaque in 2009. From then on, we’ve opened different stores located in Alabang Town Center, Market Market, and Greenhills Shopping Center. 

In 2014, SEWN Sandals evolved into building a community of promoting fellow local startup brands through the birth of another business concept called SEWN & CO., a multi-brand store in SM Podium Mall Ortigas and The Park Fashion + Lifestyle Store in Shangri-La Plaza Mall and Ayala U.P. Town Center which all closed during the challenging pandemic. 

And now, in the post pandemic world and rebuilt as CONNECT, a fashion & lifestyle retail community in the heart of Alabang Town Center, SEWN opened opportunities for other MSMEs like ours to be physically and still digitally seen and placed inside the most popular malls in a market where foreign chain stores have taken over. 

Through our footwear, women empowerment and the spirit of Bayanihan (unity), I hopefully and faithfully believe I am embracing my truest destiny and purpose as a Filipino. It is a true manifestation of how we can be of significance to the world! 

I hope you find yours too!

Mariel Ortiz-Luis Veluz


2020 is a game-changer. Sewn Sandals had to close down all its physical stores. The slowdown of the pandemic brought Ms. Veluz to reflect on how she can manifest more of her truest purpose.

With SEWN’s new tagline: Sustain Our Homegrown, it brought the founder to further promote awareness on sustainable and ethical fashion. She brings purpose to every style with anything Filipino - from Philippines' raw materials, Philippine culture, down to a simple Filipino story or kwento through her sandals by promoting #supportlocalPH globally through its online efforts. Recently, they also launched their first upcycled footwear made from repurposed flour sacks and handwoven Abaca fibers.

Sewn Sandals empowers local communities of weavers with its Bayong packaging and handwoven sandals. SEWN promotes Bayanihan through purposeful initiatives from Paglaum.ph, Project Smile Philippines, and World Vision.

For Sewn Sandals, the pandemic is not just an opportunity to make beautiful sandals. Ms. Veluz’ purpose is to create products with utmost care for our country and the planet we live on. SEWN’s mindful effort promotes care - care for one’s self and care for the community, and that was a lesson that the pandemic has taught us.



To promote appreciation for Philippine culture by creating tropical handcrafted footwear for women towards a more sustainable living.


To become a global Filipino brand that is caring and grateful of its roots by bringing handcrafted Philippine-made footwear through Filipinos around the world.

Our Core Values

  • Gratitude
  • Purpose
  • Love for Country
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Bayanihan Community
  • Sustainability
  • Care


We encourage individuals to pause, take a breather, and mindfully appreciate who they truly are, and how they can be of significance with what the Philippines can offer.

TAKE A BREATHER. Our casual and open flat styles encourage individuals to pause and rest to appreciate their significance. Everyone wears different hats, and it can be overwhelming. Our brand inspires individuals to take a breather just like wearing open sandals versus a closed heel. We empower everyone to appreciate their BEING and to pause from all the DOING. As the pandemic slowdown made us realize that we are HUMAN BEINGS after all and not HUMAN DOINGS. We encourage self-care so we can fill our cups to be able to give more to others.

LOVE FOR COUNTRY. Through the preservation of our culture, we don’t forget our roots as our country’s culture and heritage reflect and shape our values, beliefs, and aspirations. It defines our national identity and purpose.

MINDFULNESS & SUSTAINABILITY.  By caring for ourselves and caring for others, we can create a better planet to live on.

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